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Thank you so much for opening my NFC card, I really appreciate it.

So without further redo, my name is Eden Shwartz, I'm a 23 year old artist, singer-songwriter and producer under the alias "St. Levi" from Tel Aviv, Israel.

In the past year I've released tracks with LAB Recordings (Sony Turkey), SWUTCHmusic (ONZE), Chill Planets, CHAPTER EIGHT and Deep Winder, I also wrote songs for other singers and producers meanwhile growing my solo music career and fanbase.

Songwriting and production are things that I have a lot of experience with and want to take this a step forward and work as a songwriter with a publishing company or a record label.

If you enjoyed what you listened to, I would love to work together and just hit me up at

My unreleased music + songs I wrote for other artists:

My released music:

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